Assign and unassign project participants to a project


(I use airtable FYI)

I have a project page where I have a set of projects which users can participate in. To be assign to the project, an admin will assign the person.

Any idea of best practises when it comes to this?

I have Airtables as this:
Project Participants

I want to be able to say that “This user is a project participant in this project”. Not sure what the best practise or approach is.

Any suggestions are well received!

Hey @erikm3103, you will need to have a list of projects and a list details block linked to it to show project details.

Then, you can add a form block on the project details page so that the users can “apply” to be added as project participants. Afterwards, the admin will see a list of user requests visible for him/her only and will be able to assign the user to the project using our edit permissions.