Are push notifications using Firebase possible?

Hi Everyone,

We are currently implementing CometChat for user-to-user messaging. One feature is push notifications. Their docs offer a way to install web push notifications using Firebase (link to their docs here).

Before I dive into it and potentially waste a good amount of time trying to implement this, can any of you tell me if this is even possible to make it work with our softr PWA?

AFAIK web push notifications are only in beta for mobile safari. Do you care about iOS?

It’s better if we can have it working on iOS too obv, do you know if this beta is actually usable?

Should this method work for other OS though?

Hey Steven, any updates on where you took it from here? Very curious!

Web push is now out of beta on iOS.

Hi guys, I have not really looked into it until this morning. It seems like I need to upload the service worker file (firebase-messaging-sw.js) into the root directory of my app. I don’t know how to do that with Softr, or if this is even possible. Their docs are somewhat intense for code-illiterate people like me. I will keep pushing (pun intended :slight_smile: ) to try and install it.

Quick update.

I needed to upload two files to the root directory of my app to make it work. However, the softr support told me there was no root directory for our apps. I then decided to host these two files on Firebase hosting, but I now get an error in the console log about cross-origin requests (since there is a mismatch between these files’ URL and my app URL). I guess I’m stuck?

Let me know if anyone sees a solution to this problem.

If the request from Firebase for those files at the root will follow a redirect, you might be able to use the redirect feature in softr to accomplish this.

@StevenS if you need to upload files into root ping us on the support chat we check them and case by case enable upload.

Overall we also think of enabling push as Zapier action and that might be helpful too.