AppSave is live on Product Hunt NOW🔥 - Would appreciate your support🙌

Hey Softr Community,

I am thrilled to announce that we are live on PH and have more than 100+ :fire::fire: upvotes for now. Here it is: AppSave by Appscribed - Unlock huge savings on your favourite SaaS | Product Hunt

The support team at Softr (@Suzie) has been just awesome to get AppSave out in the market in less than a week’s time. @artur

I am in need of your support on PH to help us get your upvotes and valuable feedback as well.

Would want to see entire Softr Community there to support our launch.

See you there.

Gratitude and Peace!

We finally Finished at #10 out of 87 launches. Never ever thought it would be possible.

Thanks team for all the support!

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Your app is really cool, congrats on the launch :star_struck:

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