App History missing?

I’m hoping to restore a previous version of my app. The docs say snapshots are taken automatically and accessible under Settings → App History: App History - Softr Docs.

But I don’t have an App History option there. I’m on the free plan, but again, the docs seems to be saying that limited snapshot history is available even on the free plan. What am I missing? Is there a way to do this?


I think this is a case of the docs getting ahead of what is actually shipping. I don’t believe this feature is actually available yet.

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Ouch - OK, thanks @dcoletta.

Hey @jcvs,

The option has not been released yet, as @dcoletta mentioned doc has been published sooner. This was because we were going to release the feature but had some nuances to check and the release has been postponed.

Will keep you posted once released.

Hey, just wanted to inform that the option is live now :star_struck:

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