App Development Environments

We are in production with users growing every day and expect a big number of users in the next couple of weeks. It would be useful to have a feature to control development environments.

Right now, when we publish changes to any app in Softr, it is immediately shown to all users.
Going forward, we want to test out new features and only publish it to a select number of users - these are users we trust and they can act as “beta testers”.

I think we can accomplish this by setting user group permissions or creating different apps for “development”, “staging” and “production”. However, it can get really messy.

Imagine a feature where when you click “Publish”, you are asked to select what environment you want to publish to: Development, Staging and Production.

This is not necessary when the app is small, but when we are already in production we can’t make frequent changes to our production environment without potential bugs interfering with our day to day operations. We rather make changes in the development enviroment, publish to select users, and after a while when things get stable we publish it to the main app.

I would love to know what you think. Thanks


Same for us. We are still in beta testing with a handful of users, but our soft launch is about 150 users, and then launch where its about 500 users + expecting to grow with 10% monthly.

Hi @ob95 thanks for the detailed description, I appreciate it a lot.
Indeed, you’re aware of the workaround that might help you at the moment, meanwhile, let me add this use-case as a suggestion to our feature requests to consider for future improvements.