App development & debugging with Airtable & Make integrations - no test environment?

I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to develop your app once your site is live. I’m using airtable and have a number of junction tables that are managed through Make automations. As I start to add new features I realized there is really no way to create a test environment since each block in Softr is linked to the airtable base individually and then each webhook has a custom trigger.

If I wanted to create a safe testing environment I realized I would need to make a copy of my base, copy all the Make scenarios. Then I would need to go through all of my Airtable scripts and change the webhooks to the new webhooks and change all the links in Softr to the copied “offline” airtable development database.

Once you have these integrations, how can you make changes to these integrations without affecting the live database and risk disrupting your users or corrupting your entire database???