Anyone used Data Fetcher?

I’m working on a project where the goal is to build a web app that displays data that’s available from a GraphML API. I started out assuming that I was going to build the web app in React and make server-to-server GraphML API requests to fetch the data, no Softr involved.

However, a friend suggested I think about how I’d build it no-code, and that led me to Data Fetcher. This is an Airtable extension that will sync data from an API into Airtable, and it supports GraphML. If it’s handling the work of syncing data from the API into Airtable, then building the rest of the app is going to be a piece of cake in Softr – the only thing I am still worried about is whether I can display the data on the page exactly the way the client wants.

It seems like Data Fetcher could fill a really important gap in the Softr ecosystem. Today, there’s really no model for building a Softr app whose data is coming from an arbitrary API instead of Airtable or Google Sheets. But Data Fetcher can make an arbitrary API look like an Airtable.

Anyone tried this?

I spent some time with Data Fetcher this morning and I’m very impressed so far. I was able to very quickly create a no-code group of services that sync data from a GraphQL API into Airtable, and then display it in a Softr app.

In case you’re wondering about the details of this application: the client is my brother’s recreational cannabis dispensary, and the GraphQL API is the API to our Point-of-Sale/Inventory system. The app is a highly customizable rendition of our product menu that is intended to run on tablets in the store.

Here’s the prototype app so far, just as a demonstration of everything hooked up end-to-end:

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I use Data Fetcher for calling the google maps API to get latitude and longitude into airtable for a directory like app. So that i can use the map block in Softr.

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This softr app is dope !!! (:nerd_face:)

You’re just trying to get me to like your posts, aren’t you? :slight_smile:

Haha, maybe :sweat_smile:

Here’s a video I made of how I used Dutchie+'s GraphQL API, Data Fetcher, and Softr to create this in-store kiosk menu.

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