Any update on timeline for out of the box blog?

I have an existing blog on another site that I want to migrate to softr, but I am debating if it’s worth holding off until the “out of the box” blog functionality is available.

Is there a timeline for when that will be available? I didn’t see it listed on the roadmap, but it looks like it’s at least planned to some degree from the documentation:

“How to create a blog
Softr will have its own blog functionality out of the box soon. However, until we have blogs as a standalone feature, below we describe how you can create blogs in Softr.”

Softr documentation on how to create a blog


Hey @bridgebuilder,

Still no exact estimation time for it. You would better using the steps available in the article, as for the blog page itself, we you can use Feature Grid block.


Hi, @Suzie just checking if there are any updates on blog functionality as a standalone feature? Thanks.

Hey @padthai2go,

Sorry for my belated response.

Currently I cannot tell any exact time on when finally we will be able to bring the Blogging option. We should firstly work on having a clear blogging option plan.

As a workaround I can suggest you checking this > Softr tip: How to make a real blog

Let me know if you have more questions.

A blog feature with categories & filters (e.g. blog posts, podcast episodes, white paper, etc.) that can help with dynamic placement on different pages. Fully SEO-enabled

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Thanks for the details John. All this suggestions are saved for our future plans, we gather them all.

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