Any means to in-line edit on a table?

I’ve been using softr to create an internal and client facing tool. It includes quite a few checks and tasks.

At the moment I list those using tables. During a client call I’ll tick off those that we agree are completed. That currently required clicking edit and updating the record in the modal. For a simple status update that requires the following steps:

  1. click edit button
  2. Wait for modal to load
  3. Update the field
  4. Click save
  5. Wait for refresh

Not awful, but not a wonderful experience. It would be great if I could click a toggle in the table or have a button that runs an action to change that one field on the record. Is either possible?

Thanks in advance.


You can speed up your ‘tickin’ by using action buttons ‘one-click update’ on your tables.

Then, just by pressing the button, your lead will get the checkmark.


that’s exactly it, thanks. I see it in the options and am no wondering how I missed it! Thanks