Animated Gif or autoloop videos

Hey everyone !

I’d like to know how could I upload an animated GIF or autoloop MP4 element to add life to my app.
Let’s for for example I have a section with some content and I’d like to add an animated icon somewhere in it, is there a way to achieve that ?

Hey, Welcome!

There are many ways to add images to your project pages. Probably one of the easiest is via custom block:

Hey thanks ! I should then position it where I want using custom CSS right ?

There’s no way to add an autoplay video ?

Yes, you can add it to your project via blocks:

Nice thanks sorry I should have dug more the blocks before asking :grin:

Thank you, This is helpful.

Do you know how to make the video full width and adding a title text on top of it?
I want to make it as the hero block. Thanks!