Analytics in Airtable

Every time I use charting in Softr the data is displayed poorly and in the wrong format, with pie charts totaling some values in the 100s where the data is purely text and counting entries in my table. Does anyone have any good tips about using the charts to display accurate data from Airtable? This is sort of a dealbreaker for me to keep using Softr, because I’m finding Airtable to be poor in this area in general.

@loyaltyarm indeed same issue for me. I jump over this just using charts with lines & bars. I would like to have pie working well. Someone from Airtable team noticed?

Hey @gfranco,

Can I please ask you to give more specific details about the issue so that we can include it as en improvement?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @Suzie,
Just try to generate a pie chart instead of lines or bars. Same available data in Airtable, works well with bars charts but different results in pie format. I would share a screenshot here, but unfortunately I just downgraded my softr business plan, because I’m still developing my product, until I can launch to customers to generate revenue.

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Thanks for your response @gfranco,

I will try to reproduce this on my end and add it as an improvement.

Thanks once again.