An easy way to track record in table block without login


Just would like to share a situation and see if anyone of you could give a workaround. I have tired with a logical way of using url parameter as below, but it doesn’t work out and confirmed with softr staff that this is not workable.

This is based on my understanding of using list detailed block as a filter function, I use {URL_PARAM:recordId} to bring a dynamic filter when user click on their own link, which I hope that they can only see their own referral records.

The airtable table is like below:

The {recordId} is carrying the unique user ID, which is under user table, my intention is that the user don’t need to log into the system, but can simply click on a link with their own user ID({recordId}) as a conditional filter to view their own record.

Any idea how this can be done? I think this could be a great way that can help us dealing wtih custoemrs who don’t want to login but need to get their own data.

Hope to see if any good advice could be followed.

I finally work out a workaround, using list detailed and then list to accomplish the task. However, @Suzie do suggest to have the {URL_PARAM:recordId} function applicable to Table as well. Obviously, table block is not having the function there, although you can still set it up.

Hi Eric, I think there are a couple of options to achieve the result you’re looking for.
I can’t think of an option that might be possible to set up from conditional filter but here are the options I think about:

  1. Set up a Search bar and let the users to search for their recordID and thus only the records related to them would be shown
  2. Add a inline filter with recordIDs, so the users can pick their recordID and see the related records

Would one of the options help?

Hi Viktoria, the system has two audience, merchants and clients. The conditional filter is for segregating the clients of a particular merchants from others.

In that case, I am facing two dynamic conditions. that’s why I am expecting the filter function via url parameter for table block so make the layout as I wanted.

Appreciate yr insight. Also my coupon referral system seems to be on the right track and so I hope I can resume back to original plan soon. Will keep u informed.

Tks & brgds

Here is an idea:
What if you create a List details block with Merchants then add a List of Clients on that page and show only the clients that are related to that merchant (linked list) and on this list block you can have a inline filter with RecordID to filter the data.

Would it help?

Hi Viktoria,

I am using the similar way to get the issue resolved. However, I do it in an easier way.

As the page are viewed by both merchant and customers, therefore, I set up two separate pages with same content but different conditional filters:

Merchant - they can only see those records related to themselves and have the function to update redemption status.

Customers - they can see all those redemption records they have with all merchants

By doing so, there is no need to add any inline filter and merchant will only see their own related records.

By the way, there is another issue that I may need yr help, could you please have a look at this post? This one could be quite an interesting function that can further expand the imagination of using Softr built App. ➥ Is it possible to have a QR Code reader in Softr block? - #4 by twmeric

Feel free to exchange idea on it and see how this could be achieved in a lightest way. The mobile is so powerful, it is the matter how we can make use of its resources through webapp in a smarter way. Awaiting your comment and advice on it.

@twmeric it seems to be a good solution. Thanks for sharing it.

Meanwhile, let me have a look at the other thread and respond there if I have any ideas.