Alternative to using email matching to list details

Hi everyone, I’m new to Softr. I am trying to build a customer portal for customers to keep their information updated.

I am using List Details block with a conditional filter to list the user details if the Business Email on Airtable is equal to the Softr user account email.

However, with this, I obviously run into issues when the user updates their Business Email. The Business Email will now no longer match the Softr account email, and nothing would show.

Alternatively, I can create accounts for the users using dummy emails such that the conditional filter is no longer dependent on the Business Email field. However, now users can only log in using magic links as I will not be giving them their gibberish dummy emails for log in.

I understand also that 1) their Softr account emails cannot be change, and 2) there is currently no option to log in using a username instead of email address

I’m sure I am not the only person who uses Softr to build a customer portal and have run into this problem. Hoping to hear what solutions are available to solve this. Thank you.