Allow a user to create a form/questionnaire for other users


I’m attempting to build an app that allows coaches to create their own forms/questionnaires for their athletes.

Basically, I want my coaches to navigate to a “create prompt” page where they can write questions in the following formats: short answer, long answer, slider scale, and dropdown.

Athletes log in, respond to the “prompts” and are logged as journals where a coach can then read what his/her athletes have written.

Any advice?

Interesting use case :slight_smile: I see how the input can be captured and stored in Airtable then the next step would be to generate a form based on that input and this is where it becomes complicated :slight_smile: one would need to check a few form providers that might enable dynamic form creation or one can also create dynamic JS/HTML code and store it in AT and then visualize it.

Hey @13munch looking for the same thing! Did you find anything in your search?