Alignment issues after list block update

Since updating list block having some alignment issues!
although the general alignment is set to central some are now offset??
see example

Created new list block and got the same alignment results?

We will check this tomorrow and get back to you!

Same here.
Sreenshot 1 : new version of the list block (update released today)
Screenshot 2 : old version of the list block, more coherent.

The new version of the block display the title at the center… like in the screenshot, even if I set it to left.

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@Dan can you please share the link to check? Thank you.

Hey @Dan,

The issue is most likely on dsofficeapp correct? Can you please DM a magic link for us to check?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @matthieu_chateau,

The team is checking the issue. I will let you know once fixed.

@Dan @matthieu_chateau The issues have been fixed.

Dear @Dan, I noticed that one field is set to center the other to left :slight_smile: You can also change them :slight_smile:

Thank you alignment all good again :+1:


Thanks for this! Fixed

But an other problem :sweat_smile:


Hey Matthieu,

This one will be fixed as well :slight_smile: Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ll keep you posted once fixed.

Dear @matthieu_chateau,

This is a block redesign change, when you change the width in Content you will see the change in above the divider. In any case give me a chance to discuss this with the team, please.

Same problem with List Details between in-block alignment and extra-items added on this List Details block

Ok, the thing is that it creates a horizontal and ugly scrollbar that is not needed, as all the items are within the “box” of the list. Here is my main problem = I do everything for that scrollbar never appears

Hey @matthieu_chateau,

The team is checking the issue with scroll. I will get back to you once they have an update about it.

Regarding the Content Style, I just asked the team to double check, will keep you posted.

Thanks so much for bringing all these issues to our attention.

To add to this, alignment between different blocks on the same page has been out.
Looks terrible

I think this will get solved once we move all blocks… now some are still with the old system some are new… in the coming weeks most will be changed and you would simply need to click to update

Still not resolved.

Hey @matthieu_chateau did you ever figure out how to get rid of the scroll bar?