Airtable vs Smartsuite

I am currently redoing one of my Softr pages, and started looking into switching from Airtable to SmartSuite as well. Didn´t really find a topic discussing pros and cons between the two platforms when integrating it to Softr.
In the long term I want to get started on Supabase, but for now I´m thinking about switching to SmartSuite instead.

So here is a few points that I would like to get peoples experience about, if anyone has experienced any pros/cons.

Record limits in SmartSuite - since you are able to link records between solutions in SmartSuite, you don´t hit the record limit quite as fast if you have your data distributed in different solutions. It might be troublesome when working mainly in the SmartSuite interface, but are there any real downside when using this approach if the main interface is Softr?

Softr features - is there anything in Softr that doesn´t work as well with SmartSuite as Airtable?

Perfomance - how do you experience the performance when getting records from Airtable vs SmartSuite?

And feel free to add any other relevant information!

SmartSuite doesn’t limit API requests, at least now, and it’s typically way faster than Airtable. Combining both will give you speed performance
Softr features
We don’t yet have chart support… will come soon though

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