Airtable user sync and magic link generation

Hi !

I use Airtable as a data source for multiple apps, with the magic link field mapped as a login option. It works like this in all of my bases, but one : I create a row in Airtable user table, fill in email info, after a while (a couple seconds to a couple minutes), the magiclink field autopopulate.

In one of my apps, this does not happen anymore (it used ot work just fine) : if I create a new user, the magiclink field remains empty. If i open Softr, and go to the users tab, it start syncing, and fills all of the the “magiclink” fields.

Softr support has repeateadly told me that “2 way sync” only happens when manually triggered by going in the user tabs of an app. Is this really the case ? Are my other apps behaving abnormally ? This is really impacting my workflow, as each time a new user is added, he won’t get access to the softr portal until I manually go to the users tab to start the sync. Any way to automate this if this is normal behaviour ?

@christopherl it should work fine, can you touch base with support again and share your app we will check. It should work without you going into users tab.

Thanks, will do !

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