Airtable refused to connect (form link in Softr button)

Hi, I put a publicly accessible Airtable form link in a button on a Softr app and get this message “Airtable refused to connect”. The link works fine if I put it directly in my browser, but not if I try to use the Softr button.

Any ideas how to resolve?
TIA =)


Do you still have this issue?

I would recommend checking Airtable API key once again in Settings > Airtable Integration. Also, please try reconnecting the Users section.

Let us know if you still have this issue.


Hi! I also have this problem. I made a calendar with events. when i click on an event, it gives me the detail of the event and a button that is linked to an extarnal url to an airtable form. But Airtable refuses to allow the connection and i dont see why. The form works fine and everything else between airtable and softr also works fine… but for some reason, this cannot connect. Is there another way of bringing this form up for signing up for the event?

I also had this problem until I put airtable embed code in a softr custom code block to link to a form.