🔌 Airtable OAuth + Workspace-level data sources

We’ve released :electric_plug: Airtable OAtuh + Workspace-level data source management today.

If you have an existing Airtable connceted through API keys, we recommend that you re-authenticate it with OAuth ASAP!

Check out this blog post below for more details:


Good job guys! this feature is very important for us.

@austinyang Can you clarify please. I’ve re-authenticated. The name of the data source connection does not change it’s still “key•••••••••••ArC”. Is that correct, even though it’s no longer actually a key?

Hey, After the authentication update, you can rename the data source, to a better name that makes more sense for your workspace

The name is the same but it is re-authenticate as OAuth. You can change it to anything you like:)

Good to hear! Are you referring to OAuth or workspace-level data sources? Also curious why it is important :ear:

Is renaming the PAT working for you ? Without reauthentificate ?


Reason is we have an external mobile app we develop and we want to allow users to log in to that app using OAuth but for anything related to their user settings they will login to Softr (It is a waste of development time and effort in our case to develop it inside the mobile app).

So we need some external mechanism that wouldn’t lock the users to Softr in case we have any features we can’t achieve with Softr.
In our mobile app for example, we implement critical alerts and GPS tracking