🔌 Airtable OAuth + Workspace-level data sources

We’ve released :electric_plug: Airtable OAtuh + Workspace-level data source management today.

If you have an existing Airtable connceted through API keys, we recommend that you re-authenticate it with OAuth ASAP!

Check out this blog post below for more details:


Good job guys! this feature is very important for us.

@austinyang Can you clarify please. I’ve re-authenticated. The name of the data source connection does not change it’s still “key•••••••••••ArC”. Is that correct, even though it’s no longer actually a key?

Hey, After the authentication update, you can rename the data source, to a better name that makes more sense for your workspace

The name is the same but it is re-authenticate as OAuth. You can change it to anything you like:)

Good to hear! Are you referring to OAuth or workspace-level data sources? Also curious why it is important :ear:

Is renaming the PAT working for you ? Without reauthentificate ?