Airtable - Link to another record - Form error

In Airtable I have a CONTACTS table and a STATES table. Inside my CONTACTS table I have a linked record field that links to the STATES table with all the states, so when I enter a new contact, I can simply select the state instead of typing it out.

This issue I have is when I try to use Softr to add a new contact I get an error if I try to map state as an option to fill data for the new record. Is there anyway to get this to work with linked records?

Hi @twigs :wave:
Could you please share a screenshot of the error that appears on the Form block?
Do you use a Dropdown field on Form and map it to Airtable linked field? Please try mapping the Linked field to the Dropdown field and let me know if the error still persists.

Hello, I think I am having the same problem and I want to follow this thread to see if there is a solution. I have attached screenshots in case someone else can see what I did wrong.

Sorry if this is post-hijacking!
Thanks in advance!

I am sorry, I was actually able to fix the issue. All I did was look at Ella’s post and realized that I was not using the “Dropdown” input type, so as soon as I changed my type to “Dropdown” it worked!

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I’m happy to hear it worked for you!
Did the options from your data source show up?
For some reason, I still have no options from my data source.

Yeah my options did show up in the drop-down.

@Ella To be honest I recreated a similar flow and it worked on my end. Though would you mind removing the “&” from the Equipment and Facilities field, I think the special character might cause some issues. Let’s see if it works without the “&”

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It worked! Thank you! Indeed, removing the ‘&’ fixed the problem.

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