Airtable Interfaces

I admit it’s early days, but I’m struggling a little trying to get Softr to do what I need.

In Airtable I can create an interface that has a drop down field pulling values from a table - e.g Make
Then below it I can have a 2nd drop down showing Model - with values that relate to the previous field e.g. Make
The below that I can have a list view of a 3rd field, showing all of the possible records that conform to the first two choices.

That seems straightforward and is easy and elegant in an Airtable Interface. Can I do the same in Softr or am I stuck with a grid view and lots of filter buttons?

It seeems that your asking for some basic record filtering on a given list of records.

Softr will let you combine filters to show/hide records based on your selections.

However the ux is going to be very different from airtable interfaces.