Airtable has a Barcode field - can we get Softr to allow users to edit that field by scanning?

I have an intranet for my staff and they need to be able to scan in the barcode for books/products and it would be great if they could do it from Softr.

Hey !

Using a softr list block, you should be able to scan a barcode with a laser or mobile, enter that output into a search box, and then display that product.

What exactly would you like softr to offer?

Actually I need to add products by clicking a button like Add Record and be able to scan in an ISBN that is mapped to the Airtable field.


Let’s say you press the button to add a record, then a form is displayed to fill out the values, Then you scan a Barcode… and now please explain what should happen next.

Well, when I am in the area for adding a Record in Softr, it won’t let me map a field to the barcode field in Airtable. Only when I switch that field type to text, will it let me map it. And I tried that, but when I’m on my phone using the published site and using the form, there’s no mechanism when I click on the field for it to pull up my camera to scan

Ok, now I Have a better understanding.

I can tell you that you are doing exactly what I would do in your case.

Now… the part where you click on the ‘barcode field’ (mapped as text field) and expect to launch your camera automatically is where some extra config would be required but not on the softr or airtable side but rather on your phone.

Imagine you don’t want to use your phone’s camera but instead a laser reader… then extra config on your phone would be required to make the laser reader act as a keyboard to input the value on the barcode field.

I hope other members share their opinions since I yet haven’t needed to make a setup like yours.

Good afternoon, perhaps by explaining my situation it will be better understood. I have a database that we use in a cell phone technical service, which among the data collected the most important is the IMEI, which I scanned from the airtable app, through the phone’s camera, only when selecting this field automatically airtable opens the camera, then it was stored in a barcode field, now when connecting with softr, that field in my database is not recognized and I had to change it to text type. But the most practical thing is that in softr it recognized that barcode field, but only when filling out a form from the phone, it would allow the camera to be used as a bar reader.

I understand,

While comparing the Airtable native Android/iOS app to one of our projects built in Softr as a web app, it’s important to note that they may not be the most directly comparable entities.

But I do hope your request can be addressed by softr.