Airtable Datasource Personal API

Dear Community,

I am complete new. I am unable to connect datasource to Airtable with new Airtable Personal API (instead of old API - which depreciated in 2024)

Have anyone successfully managed to do so? Could you please help share docs or instruction to do so?


Hi @Ratana
To be honest, it’s not possible yet to add the personal Airtable token into Softr, the team is working on the improvements so it becomes available.
Meanwhile, I would suggest using Airtable API key instead of personal, you can find it here:

Hello @Viktoria

Thank you for your feedback.

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Hi Viktoria, from January 2024 onwards how will be the relationship between Airtable and Softr? Will Airtable implement something special for third parties? Will that have an impact in prices, limitations, etc?

@fgribs that’s a good question, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:
The team is already working on improvements so the changes don’t affect Softr users. We will share a newsletter informing about it.