Airtable blocks the softr access

Hi everyone.

I´m building an app which uses Airteable as backend. There is no problem to sincronize th data shown in softr from Airtable, but when i try to open an url with a softr button which should take me to airtable, airtable denies me the access.

How could i fix this?

Thanks in advance!!!

What type of “denied access” are you getting from airtable?

This is the message shown:

The airtable. com website has rejected the conecttion

Go here on your airtable account:

and make sure your connection with third partys to softr service is not expired.

Hi, thanks for your response.

I ve checked the expiration date, and everything is right. The problem is still happening. Im triying with another base and it says in the browser navigation bar about:blank#blocked.

I ve also tried to reauthenticate througt the data source in Softr, using my personal token, and no way.