AI holiday gift from Softr! 🤖

AI has made its way to Softr!

Now you can generate images and copy with just the click of a robot, making the process of building your app even faster!

Additionally, you can create apps that offer AI functionality to your users (like or!

Easily enable your users to create sales emails, marketing copies, blog posts, interview questions, images and more, all with AI.

Pretty fun holiday surprise isn’t it?! Check it out here and open up the studio to play!


Just watched it on YT, very cool!!


Wow, great news! This will be very useful for everyone.

I’ve been testing it and it looks great, very easy to set up! It is already working perfectly for me.
However for my use case I would need to be able to do some things…And I am not sure how to do it…

Is there any way to be able to enter a hidden prompt?

Let me explain. For example: Let’s say I want to create a copy clone. Then if I give a prompt that says something like, from now on I want you to write as an SEO expert I will provide you with a topic and you will have to write a suitable title that will prompt the reader to click.

This way the user would not see that prompt but would just be prompted with something like type the name of the topic.

Other doubts: Is there any way to make more advanced configurations in the OpenAI API call… Change the text model, temperature, etc…

Again! Thanks for the amazing work you do!

I wish you all happy holidays

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Love it - great addition to the product! You guys are moving fast.


Great work team! What a great feature addition.

This would really open up doors to tailoring the block for your specific use case. Hopefully not a biggie to add in.

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