After form, go to created details page

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I have a question regarding using the forms block. I am using a form to create a new record into my airtable database. After submitting i want the user to be redirected to his newly created record details page. How can i do that? I know if i use the “add record” action button from a list block it has the option but I actually dont want to show a list first.

Hey @Workflowheroes_Marc !
Thanks a lot for reaching out and for the details! after the form submission You can try redirecting to a page where you show a list detail block and apply conditional filters on it so each user will see relative data.

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I actually already found it. If i just do after “submit” a redirect to list details page it automatically takes it to the newly created record. It is nowhere documented that it does this but its perfect :slight_smile: This can be closed.

Thanks a lot for the update Marc @Workflowheroes_Marc :raised_hands:

Whoops nvm, this actually doesnt work. It takes a random details page and it just so happened to take twice the right one :slight_smile:

Actually what I recommended is to redirect to a page where you will have your list detail block + conditional filter applied to it, however another important thing to consider wether the user is signed up upon submitting the form or not, so you can make sure that the logged in user’s parameter will be an option once you setup the conditional filter.


I think i worked it out. You were right but it required some airtable magic aswell to happen on what to conditionally filter. My workaround is as following :

In airtable i have (for this purpose) 2 tables : Users and Applications

  • I added in a date created (with time) field in the Applications Table. This autopopulates when the record is made.
  • I made sure to send in a “hidden” form field the recordId of the user to link with the application.
  • I added in the Users table a Rollup field with MAX(values) of the “date created (with time)” . This shows the date/time for the last application that the user has done.
  • In the Applications table a made a new lookup field that looks up the last application of the user (from the step above).
  • I then added a formula field (named last created?) that simply stated : IF({created date}={lookup_last created},“Last”,“”)

Returning to softr I added in 2 conditional filters on the list details block:
Users is any of Users
Last created? is Last

This did the trick :slight_smile: if anybody has efficiencies to gain by using URL params or something i am all ears. Feels a bit cluncky. Maybe add it to the submit button for conditional forms @Andranik ?

Glad that this worked, the difference between the Add record button and your case is that whenever you are adding a record with the Add record button it generates the record ID in the URL parameter, but yours is a little bit different where you are trying to do that separately and not with the list block, and for that to work we need a conditional filter so we can relate the record that is being shown to the logged in user, however I assume that your users are not going to be logged in when they are submitting the form right?
The reason I am asking is because whenever your users are logged in, only one condition can do the job such as Email is Logged in user’s email on the list detail block.


My users are actually logged in! The reason why i am not using a “Add record” button is purely for UX. There are a few instances in the app that points towards this page. Some static, some dynamic. If I would only allow them to use that tiny button on the top right to do an application it will definatly feel bad :slight_smile:

Yes I see your point, I’m happy to assist you with submitting a feature request for it.