Advice about domain name and redirects/rewrites?

Hello, I would like some advice on the logic to put in place on my website and in particular with regard to the domain name.

Let’s imagine that the number of my project is MEDIO (it’s not the chosen name haha). Imagine I purchased the following domains:

My first idea is to redirect to if the user is French, to if he is German. And the same for

Subsequently, I would like to place the marketing of my site under the national domain names (, and perhaps use to allow my users to access my app develop with softr, but also to have a blog under with Feather

But I don’t know what to do, I have little experience in this field and don’t know the issues (SEO, DNS, …). I also thought about the management of the softr user base, which probably cannot be common to 2 websites?

Do you have any advice ? feedback? Can’t find anything on the web, and chatGPT is not very inspired

This is not my area of expertise either, but since when does that stop me from chiming in.

What you’re proposing sounds complex and hard to set up and maintain.

SEO: From other threads on this board I’m fairly convinced that best practice for SEO is going to be to keep everything under one domain if possible.

Languages: I think your model assumes that a user wants to stick with one language all the time. I’m not sure that’s a valid assumption. And if it’s not, then having a different domain for each language is going to mean your different language sites won’t share cookies. Best practice seems to be to put language in the URL slug rather than the domain, let user select language, and initialize default with the browser’s preferred language setting.