Adjust Action Buttons field width on Table block

Insert to Page Settings>Custom Code>Header or Footer and change the width in the code with your desired value and table1 to your table block name

<style> #table1 .ag-root .ag-header-cell:first-child, #table1 .ag-root .ag-cell:first-child { width: 100px !important; /* Set the width to your desired value */ } 

God bless you Maria :star_struck:

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Hi @Maria -

Love this, feels like its real home is a config setting in the Table block, Actions tab.

When I use the code, its great in making the Actions column the correct width, but it then leaves a big gap before the next column.

Any ideas how to get rid of this?


Hi @NikW can you please, provide a published page link so that I can check?

Hi Maria - I am having the same problem where the 2nd column doesn’t adjust to the resizing of the action column. Here is an example -

Any idea why this might be the case?

@Astghik can you please, help us here?


Anyone found a solution for this? The code only makes the width of the button column lower but the rest remain in place so its useless.


I’m also seeking a solution for this.

Hi… just bumping this in case there’s a solution, @Astghik or @Maria. Thanks

Hey guys, unfortunately we couldn’t find solution yet for this