Additional Fields in User profile don't work

hey, I am creating a website where people can rent puzzles. And they need to create an account to be able to do it.
Despite name and email I ask for Address (use an Additional field). For some reason it’s stopped working. Users can create an account and I see them in the Airtable database, but the Addition field with address is empty.
Here is the Loom video how it looks like

It’s not the first time me using it, and it worked, but today looks like it stopped.
Can somebody knows what could be a reason?

Day later is worked as expected. I assume it was some bug on Softr side which was fixed with recent update.

Hey @Yana, there was an Airtable incident reported that affected some Airtable-related features in our app. This is the reason why it was not working for some time for you and started working the next day.

In any case, the good thing is that it works already! :tada: