Addinng log in page for clients Airtable + Softr interface

I have an Airtable backend and a Softr interface for clients. The clients should only be able to see the interface and not the table in Airtable. I am struggling to find how to create a log in page for clients. I have seen in videos that you should be able to go to pages on your Softr account but when I click on account it gives me my Airtable account. How can I store my clients in a table in Airtable and have them be able to log in to the Softr interface?

Do you want client to see information associated with their account only?


have you applied conditional filter?

yes that works, but how can clients log on with the email address that is associated with their information?

Each user have their on magic link, you can send that

ok great thanks. And do the clients count as paying collaborators or can they view the interface on the free plan?

Check the pricing in detail