Adding internal (relative) links from Airtable


I am trying to sort out how best to add internal (relative) links to other List Details pages from within a Rich Text field.

If I edit the field within Softr, I can add the URL as a relative one, as in /list-details?recordId=recABC1234 and then when toggling to Markdown, I see it correctly as a relative link, such as [click here](/list-details?recordId=recABC1234).

Then when I go to the same record in Airtable and hover over the link in the Rich Text field, the URL shows as http:///list-details?recordId=recABC1234 (which is kind of odd, but whatever).

However, if I try to add a similar internal link within Airtable, if I put just put in /list-details?recordId=recABC1234 as the URL, then within the Softr app I end up with a link pointing to http:///list-details?recordId=recABC1234 (which again is the same way the link I inserted via the Softr editor appears in Airtable), and also when viewing that link I inserted from Airtable within the Softr editing interface the markdown shows as [click here](http:///list-details?recordId=recABC1234).

How do I create a relative link from within an Airtable rich text field?

I suspect this isn’t possible until Airtable decides to make it possible. See discussions like this one on the Airtable community site.

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Got it, thank you!

In case others end up here for the same issue, it seems that relative links created via the API (not just via Softr) do work as expected, but there’s no reliable way to create them from within the Airtable UI.

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