Adding icon to action button

Hi there

I use action button and try to find how to add icon (not emoji) in it.

Hi Vince,
This will come in the next updates soon

You can try Font Awesome in the meantime. I didn’t have time to check it works with the very new action buttons.

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hey @matthieu_chateau,

about this… have you tried?
I have with BBCode [fa]fa icon-heart[/]
and html <i class="icon-heart"></i>

Is it there any specific FA version we need to use?

My feel is that they’re not supported yet

*** Confirmed, they’re not supported just yet on action buttons

Not supported yet indeed

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For anyone looking for a similar function you can use the free icons through google within a custom code block. You just need to add this code into your header:

<link rel="stylesheet" href=",wght,FILL,GRAD@24,400,0,0" />

Then you can use it like this within a button element:

<span class="material-symbols-outlined">rotate_right</span>

I used the above code to put an icon for rotation on an image, but you can reference any of their icons.
Output looks like this:

Link to the full list of Icons: Material Symbols and Icons - Google Fonts


You can already use all Font Awesome’s free icons without needing to add a new script.

Simply add the code in the same way: <i class="fa-solid fa-user"></i>


The 2 methods don’t work for buttons.

You only can use Wingbats and Emojis. Feel free to try :wink: