Adding a new dropdown option if it doesn't exist

Hi all. I haven’t found information about this. I have a table with an “Add Record” topbar button. For context, these are items to add in an invoice. What I would like to happen is that I can populate the new Record with pre-existing data, like in a dropdown. However, I would also need the option to add something entirely new if it doesn’t exist. So, for example, say I already have Product A and Product B and I can select those, but I can also create Product C if needed.

Is there a way to do this and I missed it?

Hey @xavier,

Let’s imagine you have a linked field which is connected to Inline Filters. And if you want to add one more option, you can add an action button and add a record to the previously mentioned linked field.

Since now Inline filters are can be auto-synced, the option should appear when you add it.

I assume this should work.

Hi Suzie. Maybe I misunderstood you, but I think what you said is not what I’m looking for.

I don’t need Inline Filters. What I need is the ability to add a property in a record by either a dropdown or by adding a new value.

Example: I have an AirTable table called “Items”. In Softr, I have a table block that shows me some data from this “Items”. I also have an “Add Record” inline button to add new records to “Items”. When I add a New Record to “Items”, one of the properties is called “Name”. I would like this “Name” to be a dropdown, so that I can select names that already exist (this is no problem), BUT I would also like the option to add a NEW Name if none of the already existing ones fit me.

So if “Items” table has “Item A” and “Item B”, when adding a new record I would see a dropdown with “Item A” and “Item B”, BUT I also would have the ability to enter “Item C” instead of being limited to only the previously existing ones.

I hope this makes sense