Add Unlinked Fields warning to Actions configurations

I needed to change some of my field names in AirTable to remove underscores in order to use these fields as url parameters. As a result the linkages were broken site-wide.

While the Content tab on various Dynamic Blocks does a great job of:

  1. highlighting at the top of the tab that a field is misconfigured
  2. highlighting each field which is misconfigured;

The Actions tab has NO warning indications whatsoever.

Add the same warning indication to the tab name and each of the Action objects and sub-Action fields.

Given that the potential number of linked fields in Actions can be a multiplier of that on the Content tab, it would increase visibility and pace at which identification and re-linking can occur.

example image:

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That’s great feedback! Thank you for taking a moment to share it with our team. I’ve shared this internally with them! :raised_hands:t2:

Also found that in the Source Tab, the List Settings field is not highlighted. Viewing the site in the browser shows the error, but it took me quite a while to find out which block and which field was connected to the missing field name.

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