Add the "NOFOLLOW" link attribute! (Weird that it isn't included !?)

This is EASY and I am totally surprised it isn’t there…

Why is there not an option to allow the “nofollow” attribute to be added to an outgoing link?

Seriously, this is a HUGE oversight…it’s ultra-basic SEO and is something that MUST be included for any Button Elements that allow for URLs to be opened.

Can this be applied ASAP - there is little to no excuse or reason to FORCE all outbound URLs to be dofollow (which is by default and needs no attribute).

Thank you…Henry

I am unsure if SEO still follows the same old practices from a 15 years ago… where one used to have PR0 to PR10 based on inbound - outbound links, authority sites, link farms trying to trick Google into believing we were authority sites and rank higher.

I want to believe that Google AI is smart enough to rank sites based on user’s experiences.

I am just considering that we live in a time where you upload a 1 hour long video to youtube, and ai can process you a full resume in 5 seconds.

100% NoFollow is used today - forget AI.

I’m a full-time SEO at the enterprise level working for Fortune 500 household brands.

It is one of the most basic features of building trust. Whoever I link to matters and if there is ANY doubt at all about the integrity of that asset that I link to, then we add the NoFollow.

Example: if I link to Wikipedia then there is no need for a NoFollow b/c it is unlikely Wikipedia will change. If I link to some random blog that has an interesting article but later becomes a hate-site or similar then my site (that I link from) suddenly looks bad.

Trust me - not having the NoFollow OPTION is a total oversight. It is EASY to add - and it should be added.

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Hey thanx for the lesson. Hopefully the team at softr Will have it into considerarion

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Hay @concise, actually there is an option to add any attribute to any element you wish via custom code. You can specify where exactly you want it to be added providing me your app URL and I can help with the code.

The “No follow” attribute, is super important in the PageRank algo, and it is a huge loss for a directory website, like we can do with softr. I totally agree with @concise.

It is a huge gain for you to put “Made with softr” on each free plan, and I guess you know it!

hi @Astghik , just in time I also need this. Here is my URL, I have outbound link for the Website field. can you please suggest how to add the attribute via the code?

Sure, just add this code in your page settings → Custom code → Footer section, save and preview. If it doesn’t work just increase 200 to 500 or 700.

window.addEventListener('block-loaded-list-details2', () => {
    window.addEventListener('get-record-list-details2', () => {
           document.querySelectorAll('#list-details2 .link-field').forEach((link)=>{link.setAttribute('rel', 'nofollow')});
        }, 200);
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