Add side padding to blocks

Can you add Left and Right side padding to the blocks?

It’s great to be able to adjust the top and bottom padding and would be even better to be able to add this to the sides so the content doesn’t completely fill the width of the page.

For reference, see and

Hey @brendan, thanks for your message, noted and added it to our feature requests list. Meanwhile, as an alternative, you can use the “Website Width” feature in the Theme tab of the app, Here you can play with the block widths in your app.

Thanks @Marine.Hovhannisyan ! This was a helpful short term solution.

Another request, when editing a block, is it possible to select all fields and content?
Use case: in a user profile with multiple list item fields, to change the alignment from left to center, it’s very time consuming to edit each field and content independently.

My pleasure!

Hey @brendan, regarding the use case you described, we currently do not have such a feature in our app, you will need to perform the corresponding changes either for each field setting separately or you can use the Styles next to “Item Fields” to see the general setting changes you can perform to all the list fields.