Add record - new linked records

I would like to check if my approach is correct:

To create a linked record using the Add Record button feature I have set things up as follows:

I already have an on-page dynamic list details block showing people allocated to an event. The source is a junction table with a one-to-many relationship of “event”:”people”. The page is dedicated to a single event.

My Add Record (top) button allows a user/editor to select an item from a dropdown list of people (a team member in fact). I also have a hidden field that passes the record ID of the Softr page’s Airtable ‘event’ (I am allocating staff to events) on submission.

An automation in Airtable looks up the event by record ID (passed as hidden) and updates the new record in my junction table, linking person and event.

It works!

Is this how it should be done?