Add naked "Webhook" option to forms

At the moment, there’s just Make and Zapier.

But all Softr is going is making a POST request to a Webhook. Why restrict where to send the payload?

I’d rename the option “Send to Make” into “Webhook” and remove the restriction on the URLs we can add to define the end point.

Restricting it to Make or any other platforms no longer makes much sense :slight_smile:


Please check the new Softr roadmap:

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Hey Matthieu,

Thank you.

I understand there’s a new action in works that’s called “Trigger webhook”.

As a placeholder, all you’d need to do is remove the check on the “Make” webhook URL in the Customizable form workflow. Allow any URL to be placed there. This shouldn’t even require to be placed on a roadmap :slight_smile:

Reckong this could be done?


Trigger webhooks is in works, that’s all I know. And that it should fit your needs.

PS: It requires to be placed on a roadmap as a roadmap can also have the usefulness to inform customers that the most requested features are coming/are actually in the roadmap.