Add icon in label of detail list?


I need to replicate this in a modal of softr, i got the modal working fine, but i cannot get the icons for the label, can someone help me? THANKS!!!

Hi @francodonorpacks you can use code for that.
Here is an example:
You simply need to paste this code to label field(in case of static blocks, title or subtitle)
<p> <span class="contact-item"><i class="fas fa-phone fa-lg"></i> 8084217753</span><br> <span class="contact-item"> <i class="fas fa-map-marker-alt fa-lg"></i> 3569, HARDING AVE, STE A <br> HONOLULU, Hawaii, 96816<br> United States </span><br> <span class="contact-item"><i class="fas fa-globe-americas fa-lg"></i> <a href="" target="_blank"></a></span> </p>

Make sure to publish the updates afterwards

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Many thanks Maria!

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You are very welcome!