Add Customized Field(s) in Data Section and Sign Up Block

Adding Customizable fields in the Studio Data Section and Sign Up Block would add users to apps more seamlessly and broaden Softr’s use case potential. As an example, an additional or optional Studio Data Section and Sign Up Block field with a dropdown that corresponds with a creator’s Airtable user table ‘user type’ field would essentially create a portal for different types of users, rather than having to delineate them once they’ve already signed up an entered. Softr’s current portal system can be a bottleneck when onboarding different types of users and a barrier for some no code app use cases when there is no way to input records for additional user parameters in Softr’s Data Section that correspond with fields in a creator’s database during user sign up. Add these and Softr will broaden its “horizontal” use case no code platform status.


Great! Just saw what I requested yesterday on Softr’s Roadmap. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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