Add addt'l Stripe Customer Metadata

@artur In a previous thread (Stripe Billing Portal: Incorrect Account Displayed
) about Stripe you said it would be easy to add additional metadata fields:

@drew0 this will work thanks for digging deeper. I was sick was not able to push any other solution forward and also the team is heavily working on action button to be released very soon. Your solution works and we will keep the softr_application_id in place you can rely on it. In fact adding new meta is pretty easy and if more is needed let us know.

Well I do have a request now! It would be very very useful to have the customers Airtable User Record ID in the Stripe Customer metadata. For example:

metadata[“airtable_user_record_id”] = {id}

By having this “external customer ID” in Stripe, it would help debug certain situations that come up, write reports that link Stripe to Airtable, etc.

In our case, we require a user to login before getting to the Stripe checkout page, so there will always be an Airtable User Record ID. I imagine this might not always be true for all applications. If there isn’t a logged in user, I’d think just leave this metadata field empty.

Thank you!


Yes, we definitely need this feature as well - or any ability to add custom metadata when creating Stripe Subscriptions - this is a part of the Stripe API and should be an easy one to add, please do this, otherwise Softr isn’t suitable for our application.