Add action button not visible if there are no records

Hi there,

It seems that when choosing the Add Record functionality on an action button in a listing block, it is not visible if there are no records displayed.

My workaround is creating a separate page with a form and using an Open Page action. In this case, the button is visible, though I’m trying to reduce the need for separate pages for form submissions.

@phelocin let us check and get back soon.

@phelocin it looks like this on our case

Can you share a recording so we can see what’s happening in your case?

Here it is in build mode - the squared button with “Submit a Request” is the Add action; the rounded button with “Submit a Request” label is the Open Page action:

Here it is in preview mode:

I also tried adding back in the search bar in case that helped. I added the Scroll To action at the end and that one is visible.

@phelocin is it possible you have conditional visibility on the button and hence it’s becoming non visible ?

OMG – I do! So sorry about the goose chase!

While I have you though – is there a way to do hidden fields the same way we do for forms? I’d like the form submission to be “attached” to the logged-in user without them having to type in their name or email.