Ad placement system just like product hunt products ads, Sponsored products

Hi softr Dev’s,

I want to implement an ad management system into the softr site I’m building. Are there any plug-ins that can help me get started? I’d like users to pay for the ad via Stripe. They can then upload their image and copy for approval. It would then run for a set period of time or on a certain date (like a Classified ad or product hunt promoted products ad)

How I can build this and provide startups a way to get on the homepage and other places with a tag promoted and also able to pay us the advertisement amount. In short, ad management and place system like below screen shots of product hunt.

Please see the screen shots below to understand better







Anyone here knows the solution.

Hi, the only way I see this done is:
(1) manually by tagging companies with ‘promoted’ in your airtable base and keeping track of when their ad is supposed to run for (very resource consuming)
(2) Building an automation / script in airtable where you set the start and end periods of the ad. This could be something as simple as creating a filtered view that checks whether an ad is current or not, and displays it on softr. It’s doable but you will need to build a good backend workflow for it to work properly…