Activity tracker for helping with depression

i want to build a webapp that allows me to

  1. create a list of daily activities
  2. assign weights to each activity
  3. calculate my daily score based on which activity checkboxes are ticked
  4. i want this to be a grid (somewhat like a spreadsheet, for simplicity) with activities at the top and dates in the first leftmost column
  5. the app should give me encouraging messages and reminders for activities

this is basically to help with depression, something along the lines of activity scheduling in CBT.

I tried using the AI app generator as well as the manual way. But wasn’t able to get softr to give me a spreadsheet like grid. It kept giving me cards for activities and the interface looked fairly complicated.
Since this is for people suffering with depression ( i struggle with it as well at times), i want to keep the interface as simple as possible.
Any guidance on how to get it to a grid form interface and how to go about it is highly appreciated.


Start with either Airtable or Google Sheets to hold your data.

Link the data to Softr and choose a Table Block to see if that’s your preferred way of seeing your data.