Action Buttons - linked airtable fields keep disappearing

So I’ve noticed this for a week now but thought it might be me forgetting to put in the fields. However, it just happened twice in a row so this must be a bug.

Block Type: Table
Updated to newest version: Yes
Cache / Cookies Cleared: Yes
Changes made in Airtable related to Table data: No

Behaviour occuring: On a page, I have 3 table blocks that populate with data from 3 x Airtable Tables. Within the action buttons, I have the add and edit buttons. Both of these are connected to fields within the tables to add a new record to the table and/or edit an existing record. I will create the action buttons and publish, QA to buttons and make sure everything works. I then move onto the next table on that page. When I make a change to the next table on that page (that is related to a different airtable table/data set), I then publish the page and QA the new table to test the blocks and action buttons. Additionally I sometimes check the other table (that I’ve already QA’d). And with no changes made to that table or it’s action buttons since the last publish, the add record modal is empty from the front end. Or the edit modal is empty. I then go back into Softr and look at the add (or edit) record fields and find they are all removed. But the Field label, options (for a dropdown field) or hidden field values are all still there. But none are connected to the airtable field that they were just connected to. Is this something you are aware of and fixing?

Hi @rebeccajane would you mind DM me a magic link and the link to the page where you face the issue so I could investigate it?

Hi @Viktoria I’ve just seen this happen again today and it’s definitely not an error from our side. I’ve sent a video of it to support.

@rebeccajane we are looking into it. Do I get it right that you refer into Studio mappings ?

Hi @artur thanks for the update. If it does happen, it removes (1) filter field “filter by” values (2) search bar “search by” values (3) action button “Map to” field values (add and edit) but not hidden field values. Thanks.

@rebeccajane we were able to find the reason will be fixed soon

Thanks for the update @artur !

@rebeccajane should be fixed

Thank you!