Action buttons jump and are impossible to click?

Has anyone ever encountered this and successfully resolved? It only happens on a handful of user’s machines and we’ve covered all the basic troubleshooting (clearing caches, ensuring browser version is current, etc). Gotten rid of any custom code resizing. It started happening spontaneously, I hadn’t made any major updates to provoke it.

I’m at my wits end. They send me proof of it happening multiple times a week but it doesnt happen on my computer and it doesnt happen on most of Softr’s support agent’s computers. I’ve tried reproducing by making my browser window smaller… nope, still works for me.

It’s when there is more than one action button and they need to click the second or third action (which first requires clicking the three …) when they try to expand the additional action buttons it shows for half a second and then disappears. On my computer it remains open so I can click the action. They cannot.

Anyone? I’m desperate. They can’t use the platform to perform actions and they just so happen to be the administrators of this internal app I built so it’s very problematic. Please help :frowning:

Hi Diana,
Not any conditional filters problem related to the button?
Do these filthy buttons have conditional filters?

Should not be! Some of the more “admin” ones will have conditional visibility to ensure only authorized users are able to access them, but those “conditions” apply to my account as well, and still work for me!
But most of them are just like this ^^ and in a table view of records that are conditionally displayed in the table… :face_with_monocle:
Also LOL thank you for calling them for what they are… these filthy buttons are driving me mad!

I’ve also been obsessively checking all the blocks to ensure no pending updates are needed!

Sent you a DM.