Action button - update record - percentage field bug

If you map an airtable percentage field to your update record action, the field will load like 0.6 to represent a 60% figure in airtable. No surprises there, but if you try to enter a new value to update the percentage, let’s say to 50% and you enter something like 0.5, then airtable will have 1% as value.

To make changes as expected, you need to enter 50% by writing the number ‘50’.

This is not confusing to me, but surely some users will have trouble updating percentages. I could also add a caption line to the field with instructions but… If I wish it could be avoided.

Hi @acjnas thank you for reporting. I will share this with the engineering team. I think we either need to add a separate field type for percentage or the number field should render it the way it is in datasource.