Action Button to Duplicate Record

It would be nice to have an action button to Duplicate a Record.



Hey @Nick Thanks a lot for your input! we are indeed planning to have that, I will ad your voice as an upvote!



Hi Nick,

In the meantime I’ve solved this issue with a simple Airtable automation.

Create a new property in Airtable called Duplicate that you can trigger with a one click update button from softr (a checkbox or a single select would do)

Then have Airtable automation to look for records with this property set and get it to create a new item with the exact same properties as the original one.

At the end of the automatiion get it to reset this Duplicate property.

I hope this helps you!



@Nick @Javi Has a great idea indeed and it is a good workaround, Airtable automation would work!


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Thanks for the suggestion on the workaround, however the end user experiance isn’t quite what I am looking for as in that after they duplicate they will have to wait for the automation to run and refresh page to see the duplicate record. Ideally the once click duplicate actition button happens in real time and refreshes block right away. Thank you.

I haven’t experienced too much delay to be honest. Airtable automation is almost instantaneous.

On the user experience side, check the custom code section of the forum for auto refresh table/page on form edit. There are solutions to that but at this point they require custom coding :slightly_smiling_face:

I did a similar work around for teachers who want to set a task to all their students at once. When setting a task, the teacher checked a box (send to all) which triggered a repeating group automation. This duplicated for each student.

When using the refresh code, by the time the modal had closed and the page refreshed, the new tasks were visible.

@Andranik you can ad my voice to for this feature :grinning:

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Sure thing @Stunevie :smiley:

This feature is work in progress :slight_smile: in the next few weeks it will be available


Adding my voice here too :slightly_smiling_face: To share our use case:

  • User clicks ‘Duplicate’ item action button on Table block
  • User is shown a form with 4 types of field:
  1. Mandatory duplicate - the field must remain the same, so greyed-out or hidden
  2. Duplicated but overwritable - the field has the original value, but can be changed by the user for the new record
  3. Reset - the value is zero’d or blank depending on data type - the original value is meaningless or misleading (e.g. Order quantity)
  4. Auto - hidden values are automatically set, e.g. Order date is today, Item name = Original Item Name & " reorder " & today

Table refresh happens once the new record is created.


It’s time critical for us, so I’ll implement a One click update which sets a flag to trigger AirTable automation for now.

This isn’t ideal as the user will then need to manually edit item properties, which is quite time consuming and unguided (ie. they have to decide which fields to update, find the relevant entry point for the update, and then make them).

Do you have an ETA for when the feature will be available?


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I have been using this workaround for several months.

Now with the call api button there is no need to set a flag to run an airtable automation, we can call it directly from softr records.

This improves time and performance, but we are still spending valuable airtable automation credits.

I would expect to have an action button at the record level, to help me enter a new record into my desired airtable table via softr.

Use case:

Invoicing - adding a new line item to invoice.
(under the hood you would expect to grab a record from your portofolio and paste it into the line-items table.)

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Hi Acjnas,

Thanks for sharing. I haven’t used the Call API function yet. I’ll have a look. When you say it improves time and performance, do you mean the user experience is better? I.e. the update happens faster?

Can you share an example of triggering an AirTable automation form Softr Call API action?



Yes it does happens faster,

Because instedad of flaging a record via softr, to then fire the automation in airtable, you can ‘Fire’ the airtable automation directly from softr.

I Dont have a public sample that I can share.

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Thanks for sharing that @acjnas !! We appreciate all that you do for our community :pray:t4: