Action Button - One Click Update. Limit linked records to specified amount (event sign up)

Use Case:

I have an event list page with a “Sign up” ONE CLICK action button for users to sign up for a specific event where we only allow one user to sign up for each event (ie. Logged-in user hidden linked record field).


If two or more users are browsing on the same page at the same time and one user signs up, the other users still see the sign up button (even though I have a filter set up to remove the button when someone signs up, but it doesn’t remove it from other users until they refresh page) and can click it and replace the original person (which is a big issue).


Make it so you can input the number of people you allow to sign up and display a custom message if the maximum number is reached (ie. “This event has filled up while you were browsing, please refresh page.”).

I know mini-Extensions has this feature in their portal form, so should be achievable.

I am also open to others suggestions as a work around.


miniextensions example:

Hi Artur,

You happen to have any suggestions to keep from overbooking/overwriting when multiple people are browsing same page using action button one-click-update?