Accessing Gated content on Softr using Oauth on Xano

Hi. I am new to Softr. We have been using Xano as the backend and Bubble as the front end for our web applications. The User login/sign-up authentication flow is currently set up using Xano.

I like the ease of using Softr and would like to build a few products using Softr while continuing to use the OAuth setup on Xano.

Couple Qs:

  1. Does Softr have integration with Xano? If not - Is it in the pipeline or expected soon?
  2. Is it possible to sync user login + sign up on Xano Backend to Airtable for a user to access gated content built on Softr?

Up voting this - we’re interested in using Xano as a substitute for Airtable as getting to the record limits on several of our bases.